Eiremedia, as a company, helps to develop all aspects of Irish life, for all ages.

It provides a source for educational information, professional profiles and anything relevant to education and entertainment/ digital media.

Livestream, the market leader for live events; featuring clients such as Facebook, The New York Times, ABC News, HBO, PepsiCo, EA, Adidas, Warner Records, and Paramount Pictures, has approved Eiremedia as a verified channel for live events in Ireland and abroad.

It is committed to providing a controlled, high quality, instructional design platform with educational new media development, and to providing a core delivery of database information, courses, and learning objects for anybody in Ireland who would need it. The reason for this is because there are many media sites that develop different information, but none of which have a proper united database for all of these terms in education and the market.

Eiremedia Entertainment will continue to develop art, music, documentaries and other digital media products. It also provides a source for legal art and socio-cultural information from its own production and third-parties. The policy provides legal information for everyone. The platform also enables artists, universities or colleges to distribute and promote their music, art, courses, etc.

Sources of profit are production projects for companies and individuals as well as download sales and advertisement. A significant number of database users will be expected from the creation of the site platform and is protected by Eiremedia’s Copyright.

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Eiremedia will continue helps to develop all aspects of Irish life for all ages!!
Eiremedia…All Things Irish!!

Eiremedia Team